We offer a variety of services for your job related needs. Below are a list of our services to break down what we offer and how we can help you.


Total Resume Rebuild

With our Total Resume Rebuild you will receive a brand-new written from scratch resume that is designed and tailored to your preferences such as color. We will condense only your most relevant information and construct you a well written and designed one page resume, which is standard for most employers. 



A CV resume is used more for professionals in the industry. If you are a professional who has been working in a certain field with numerous positions and qualifications, a CV will be good for you. Unlike a traditional resume, your CV can be up to two pages with more information on it than in a standard resume. A CV is good for positions such as a Business Manager, HR professional, Contracting, a Doctor, Nursing professional, paralegals, and anyone else in a qualified trade with various amounts of experience.

*Note: Some of these positions listed may only require a one page resume if the experience isn't detailed enough for a CV (licensing, etc). Please contact us if you are unsure of whether you need a CV or a Total Resume Rebuild. 


Federal Resume

Our Federal Resume is perfect if you plan to apply for a position using USAjobs or any other Government based hiring website or agency. A Federal Resume requires far more detail than a standard resume and is usually between 3-6 pages in length. With more extensive information required, this resume is designed to scan perfectly through ATS scanners in regards to position requirements. Furthermore, we format it in the required format in order to detail each experience clearly and meet Federal Resume requirements.

*Note: Because of the requirement differences between a standard resume and a Federal Resume, you can not use a Federal Resume and a Regular Resume interchangeably.


Resume Editing

With this package, our Resume Builders will take your existing resume and edit it to perfection. If you feel your resume is already in top shape, but that it needs some 'sprucing up' we are here to help! We will check your formatting, fix incorrect sentence structure, properly repair grammar and punctuation marks, and run it through our ATS scanner to make sure it passes above 90%. 

*Note: This package does not include any design changes and we do not shrink your resume down to a page. Our Resume Writers and Editors just edit the existing information.


Graphic Resume

Our Graphic Resume package takes a new approach to modern resumes. With our Graphic Resume, you will receive a full Graphicly Designed resume tailored to your preference with a clean design, format, font style, and a higher quality design. We use icons and color schemes to enhance the appearance of your resume. All of our Graphic Resumes are ATS scanner eligible and work perfectly. None of our designs will hinder your visibility. This resume package is great for Graphic Designers or those who want to hand in their resume in person to stand out!


Cover Letter Add On

With our Cover Letter Add On, your assigned Resume Writer will write you a detailed yet concise cover letter for the general field you are applying to. All cover letters come with a .Docx format in order for you to be able to edit it yourself per each position. We construct a clear design and professional wording to boost visibility while including a variety of key terms relevant to your field. 


Linked In Profile Building

Our LinkedIn profile building is one of our highest demand selling items in our shop. With our Linked In profile building, we write you a clever LinkedIn profile, update your banner to suit your relevant field, add your credentials and employment history, log your educational history, detail your experiences, create a headline for you, write an about, join you in a few relevant groups to your field, and input relevant skills. In addition we will update and add all licenses, patents, and credentials in which you desire to display.

*Note: The charge for this service is for the time and effort of the writers only and not for LinkedIn itself. Resume Builders Official, LLC is not affiliated with Linked In nor a partner and all writing is done on behalf of Resume Builders Official, LLC and not the Linked In company. 


Job Matching

Our Job Matching service was created due to High Demand. We understand the difficulties in finding a place to work in your area and we know that job searching is time consuming. We have developed a service in which we will find you 5-10 jobs based on your location, work preference, salary preference, and career ideals. We will make sure it aligns with your degrees and skills. We will then send you the job listings compiled so that you can apply for them promptly.


Book Editing

With our book editing we will read each page and correct each error and mistake. Afterwards, we will insert all of our edits and send it quickly for your approval. We will make unlimited corrections including any you may want after the initial editing. Finally, we will conclude by reading through the final draft, formatting it into a .pdf and an editable version, and send it to your email. We can also publish directly to amazon or any other kindle based e-book application.


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