Thank You For Supporting Resume Builders Official

We want to thank you for supporting Resume Builders Official, LLC. We are now closed. We have enjoyed serving you over the last two years.


When we started, we offered resume builds for free as a way to gauge interest and help others build a resume that works perfectly for them as well as to offer people support in hard times of job loss. Unfortunately, the pandemic took.a hit and upon establishing our LLC, business halted entirely. People could not afford to spend unnecessary funds in times of needing to save for emergencies and to take care of bills during the stressful pandemic.


This and the lack of funding we have been able to secure has led us to close our doors. We thank you for supporting us and for giving us your time and we are excited to see where our next journey takes us.


"An end is only a beginning in disguise." - Craig D. Lounsbrough.

With love,

The Resume Builders Official Team.